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Problems and Cousntermeasures of BIM Technology in the Whole Process Management of Construction Projects

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.160


Chen Shuzhen, Ji Min

Corresponding Author

Chen Shuzhen


In the construction process of a construction project, the value of the project can be greatly improved by controlling the construction period and optimizing the construction cost. BIM technology can help a lots in this process. BIM technology is based on the building information model, which aims to realize information sharing in the whole life of a building. The whole life include the processes of virtual engineering project planning, design, construction management, operation and maintenance. Thus BIM can help to optimize the key factors of project management, such as construction period and cost. At present, BIM technology is in the early stage of development in China, and there are still many problems in practical application. Based on the current market application situation, this paper analyzes some problems existing in BIM technology in the whole process management of construction projects, and puts forward some solutions.


BIM technology, Application problems, Cost control