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An Analysis of the Competition for the International Discourse Power of Media——From the Perspective of the comparison among China, the United States and Russia

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.158


Jianing Li

Corresponding Author

Jianing Li


the discourse power of the media, that is, the influence of the discourse transmitted by the media in the audience. To a certain extent, the content disseminated by the media can determine the trend of social public opinion or affect the orientation of people's values. The media has become a “fourth right” independent of a country's legislation, administration and justice. Based on the theory of communication, this paper compares and analyzes the present situation and development process of the mainstream media in China, the United States and Russia, and probes into the mechanism of promoting the right to speak in Chinese media, which is suitable for the existing national conditions of China and Chinese characteristics.


China, media, discourse power, The United States, Russia Today