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The Importance of Successful Inventory Management to Enterprises-A Case Study of Wal-Mart

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.154


Ruonan Lin

Corresponding Author

Ruonan Lin


Inventory management is an important part of internal control is the company achieve their business objectives, implementing the business policy and decision-making, maintaining security and integrity of current assets to ensure financial balance legal, accounting information authenticity of an internal self-coordination, control and supervision control system. As Current assets, its existence is bound to use up a lot of liquidity. Through the implementation of proper inventory management methods, to reduce the level of enterprises, the average amount of funds used to improve inventory turnover rate and total asset turnover, can ultimately improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Based on the Wal-Mart Company, explaining the importance of successful inventory management for an enterprise is expounded.


Inventory management, Importance, Methods, Wal-Mart