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Discussion on Accounting of Real Estate Development Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.151


Li Li

Corresponding Author

Li Li


With the continuous development of social economy in our country, the real estate industry in our country is also developing rapidly. The real estate development enterprise has become a hot topic in recent years. The real estate industry has made rapid development, has become an important pillar industry of national economic development, and plays a more and more important role. The particularity of the real estate enterprise itself determines the complexity of its internal accounting. Moreover, its expenses are also increasing. In order to protect the economic interests of real estate development enterprises and improve the profitability of enterprises, it is necessary to carry out effective accounting. This paper briefly expounds the importance of accounting in real estate development enterprises, and analyzes the present situation. There are problems in the accounting of real estate development enterprises. In addition, put forward further improvement measures.


Real estate, Accounting, Income