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Analysis of the correlation between intangible assets and the value of listed companies

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.150


Li Baoxian

Corresponding Author

Li Baoxian


With the rapid development of science and technology, the competition among enterprises in various countries is becoming increasingly fierce. Intangible assets have replaced the traditional tangible assets as the core resources and core competitiveness of enterprise development. Intangible assets have increasingly become an indispensable and important resource in the sustainable development of enterprises. To varying degrees, listed companies in China have increased the level of investment in intangible assets and investment efforts. The value relevance of intangible assets has gradually become the research focus of scholars in the field of corporate financial management. Most of the previous studies pay attention to the impact of the overall intangible assets on the value of listed companies. At the same time, the value of intangible assets of enterprises has attracted extensive attention of scholars at home and abroad. In 2005, many achievements have also made. Based on the current accounting standards of intangible assets in China, this paper analyzes the value relevance of different types of intangible assets, and finally probes into the irrationality of the current accounting standards in China. Taking the relationship between intangible assets of listed companies and the value of listed companies as the main research object, this paper puts forward some suggestions for improving the economic value of enterprises, which is of great theoretical significance and practical value for the realization of sustainable development of enterprises.


Intangible assets, listed companies, Relevance