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Research on Financial Innovation Path of Technology-based SMEs

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.140


Yang Juchao

Corresponding Author

Yang Juchao


In order to solve the problem of financing difficulty of science and technology SMEs, many cities are actively exploring the financing mode of science and technology SMEs and innovating the service system of science and technology enterprises under the promotion of the government. The most important issue for the survival and development of small and medium-sized technological enterprises is capital. The lack of funds has seriously restricted the healthy development of science and technology SMEs in China. Find the control of risk loopholes and the solution of high-risk behavior, in order to improve the initiative of the main bodies of scientific and technological financial activities, and promote their continuous expansion, to solve the financing difficulties of high-tech SMEs. The function of financial optimization resource allocation provides technology-based SMEs with the funds needed for technological innovation and promotes the deep integration of technology and finance. Through the research on the financial innovation service of SMEs, exploring new financing methods, exploring new financing channels, and broadening the financing space of SMEs, it has important practical significance for improving the financial service level of SMEs in China.


Technology-based, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Financial Innovation