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Discuss the New Media Development of News Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.132


Zhang Liubin, Lu Kuan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Liubin


With the development of network technology, news communication in the new media era has the characteristics of timeliness and extensiveness, and because of these characteristics, the law of news communication has also changed accordingly. With the innovation of news media, news communication has moved from the original text era to the visual era, and the rapid and mature new media has had an important impact on news communication. Due to the emergence of new media, the organizations and individuals who played the role of the recipients in the past activities of the news media also used the trend of the news dissemination to change the direction of change to the main body of news communication. Under the support of high technology, the traditional news communication model faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Only by adapting to the trend of the times and the economy, the news media can meet the needs of society and not be eliminated by the trend of history.


Traditional Media, New Media, News Communication