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Financial Information Distortion of Listed Companies and Its Control

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.128


Yang Yu’e

Corresponding Author

Yang Yu’e


With the acceleration of market-oriented process, the listing of Chinese enterprises has become the only way for a large number of state-owned enterprises to market. In modern economic society, the proportion of listed companies is increasing. In the transitional period of China's securities market, listed companies have some problems, such as the limitations of laws and regulations, the imperfect internal supervision mechanism, the weakening of social intermediary supervision and the low quality of accountants, which lead to the distortion of financial information. It has had a very bad impact on the market economic order and the public and government credibility, seriously damaging the interests of investors. As a result, investors have lost confidence in investment; for China's securities market, the original open and fair The principle of fair and basic transactions has been severely damaged. Based on the establishment of a sound internal control system, to improve the effectiveness of accounting standards and related rules and regulations, and strengthen all-round integrity education as a means to strengthen the legal system and improve relevant regulations, the financial information distortion governance objectives can be achieved.


Listed Companies, Financial Information, Distortion