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Research on Information Construction of Archives Management in Colleges and Universities Based on Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.122


Han Zhilin

Corresponding Author

Han Zhilin


Archives play a very important role in real life. They are various forms of records with preservation value formed by people in various social activities. With the development of computer network and data technology, human society has begun to enter the era of big data, which poses new challenges to the archives management in Colleges and universities. The establishment of archives resource management system can effectively guarantee the sharing mechanism of enterprise resource management system. In the era of big data, universities can take advantage of big data and use computer software and hardware technology to store vast amounts of information. As an important source of big data, college archives need more scientific and effective information construction. The construction of archives informationization in colleges and universities has increasingly become an important part of the function construction of various universities. It is an important task to expand the development and utilization of archives information resources based on the construction of computer networks.


Archives Management, Big Data, Information Construction