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The Impact of the Concept of Core Competence on Contemporary Enterprise Management Ideas

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.121


Lianhe Duan

Corresponding Author

Lianhe Duan


In the 21st century, the core competitiveness of enterprises will appear as a brand-new concept in the face of enterprise managers, which will have a profound impact on the theory and practice of enterprise strategic management. Core competencies are knowledge and skill systems that are deeply rooted in the enterprise, capable of generating competitive advantage, and difficult for competitors to imitate. The theory of core competence guides enterprises to change from competing for market share of final products to competing for market share of core intermediate products. For a long time, the theory of core competence has been used in the resource integration of enterprises and the construction of long-term competitive advantage. This paper argues that the construction of core competitiveness is also urgent for Chinese enterprises, and has brought about changes in business philosophy.


Core Competence, Enterprise Capability, Business Concept