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The Promotion and Development Of Martial Arts Sanda

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.114


Ma Jin

Corresponding Author

Ma Jin


Sanda is the quintessence of Chinese martial arts, is a treasure of the Chinese nation, is China's valuable cultural heritage. Sanda has a profound traditional cultural connotation and unique sports art style, financial body, self-cultivation, fitness, self-defense, entertainment in one, deep for the public favorite national traditional sports, practitioners moral cultivation, patriotism, physical and mental development has Very important meaning. Wushu Sanda After 30 years of reform, although made considerable progress and development, but now for various reasons, so Sanda in the small and medium-sized cities in the popularization is not very effective, which may cause China Sanda athletes shortage of students , Excellent athlete loss and other issues. Correctly handle the Sanda campaign in large cities and small and medium-sized cities to promote the relationship between China's Sanda will be of great significance. We should pay attention to and study the development trend of Wushu Sanda, Sanda for the promotion of the project to find some specific and feasible approach.


Sanda, Development Strategy, Wushu.