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Regulation of Bicycle-sharing in China

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.106


Ying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhang


the rise of bicycle-sharing is another result of the development of Internet, with which car-hailing service is growing. Bicycle-sharing brings people much convenience and economic benefits several times than the cost. However, due to unlimited investments and lack of regulation of related legislation, which causes confusion in the industry. The result is that calls from various departments for legislation on bicycle-sharing are rising day by day. Based on existing normative documents of bicycle-sharing, this paper is aimed to study present situation and problems of sharing bicycle’s legislation in China with analyzing the necessity of legislative regulation of sharing bicycle. And some reasonable suggestions of legislative subjects, forms and contents and son on are put forward for the way to legislation of bicycle-sharing.


Bicycle-sharing, regulation, suggestions, legislative body and form,