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Study on the Role of Football in College Physical Education Teaching and Training

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.113


Feng Du

Corresponding Author

Feng Du


The development of modern football is characterized by the attack and defense of the two sides around the competition for the focus on the ball to focus on the goal to start the technical and tactical fitness and intelligence contest, and this feature is more in line with the training of college students in the attitude, ability, intelligence, The content and conditions of comprehensive development of the content of competition, it fully has to promote the quality of students comprehensive and fully developed content and conditions, compared with other sports, has its unique educational role and function, this, focusing on educators and society Long-term development requirements, combined with the physical and mental conditions of contemporary college students and the needs of football education and training, talk about the role of football in college sports.


Football, College Physical Education, Training Science.