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Knowledge structure and Research Fronts of Western Land Policy Research--Based on the Knowledge graph of CiteSpace

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.103


Ye Lu

Corresponding Author

Ye Lu


In this paper, with Web of Science(WOS), selected as the literature search engine, policy as the subject search word, and English document record of Land Use since it was created (1993-2018) as the data source, by using the information visualization technology and tool (CiteSpace) of dynamic network analysis to conduct literature co-reference analysis and clustering analysis and draw the knowledge map of the front of land policy research, it reflects the important literature and important characters in the field of land policy research, and shows the knowledge structure relationship and evolution law in this field. It is found that in the past ten years, the topic of land policy research is concentrated, the basis of common knowledge is clear, and the subject has not yet formed a clear branch of discipline. The author's subject background has transited from economics and sociology to ecology, geography, agriculture, earth science, economy and finance and other interdisciplinary fields. The development trend of each cluster shows that the three research groups, including rural environmental governance and land transformation, ecological environment protection and land use, management system and policy adjustment, have a prominent position in the western land policy research; The recent hot spot of western land policy research has turned to the Keywords fields including “transformation, agriculture, impact, biodiversity, government management and ecosystem services, climate change, rural development, forest development and so on.


Western land policy research, Knowledge map, Citespace, Land Use Policy