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A New Interpretation of the Main Social Contradictions from the Perspective of Marx’s “Great Materialism”

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.102


Huanghua Huang

Corresponding Author

Huanghua Huang


Marx’s view of materialism is a view of the history of nature, human society, and man. Its value refers to the liberation of people, and the theoretical basis is the dialectics of labor practice. The new contradiction of major social contradictions adheres to the development ideology centered on the people, highlights the subjectivity of human beings, and conforms to the value orientation of the great historical materialism. The transformation of the main contradictions of society is rooted in the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The self-construction of practice promotes the continuous development of socialist practice with Chinese characteristics, prompts the changing needs of the people, and demonstrates the era significance of the dialectics of labor practice.


Great Historical Materialism, Labor Practice Dialectics, Major Social Contradictions