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Discussion on Network Multimedia Application in Vocal Music Teaching under the Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.112


Jie Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhao


Vocal music can cultivate people's sentiments, soothing people's physical and mental, and a correct and effective vocal music teaching can achieve the students outlook on life, world view, values, the correct guidance, and training students singing habits, so that students become a multi- talent. However, Chinese vocal music teaching system is not perfect and the lack of intuitive teaching makes the development of vocal music in China into a bottleneck. But with the advent of the information age, it has brought new opportunities to our vocal music teaching. This paper starts from the influence of multimedia on the music culture in our country, and finds out the difficulties in the development of multimedia applications in vocal music teaching in China and gives the corresponding solutions.


Internet, Multimedia Applications, Vocal Music Teaching.