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Research on the Role of Armed Department of College Party Committee in Campus Reintegration of Veteran College Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.093


Li Hainan

Corresponding Author

Li Hainan


As a group of emerging intellectuals, veteran college students returns to school with the fine traditions and style of the troops, which not only brings new vigor and vitality to the campus, but also provides the school a great deal support in military theory teaching and new-age military training; while at the same time, the veteran college students also encountered a series of problems such as difficulties in interpersonal communication, academic disconnection, and employment pressure after returning to college or university. As a grassroots organization of the ruling party, party committee of colleges and universities is the core of the leadership of the whole school, and shoulders the heavy responsibility of selecting, cultivating and transporting qualified personnel for the party and the country. The armed department of college party committee is the main department directly supporting the work of veteran college students, and plays an important role in the veteran college students' campuses reintegration and healthy and comprehensive development. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing previous works, this paper sorts out the current situation of national resettlement policy for veteran college students, expounds the opportunities and challenges of campus reintegration faced by veteran college students in the new era, and proposes the purpose, significance, strategies and suggestions for education and management of the veteran college students by the armed department of college party committee. The study results of this paper provide a reference for the further research on campus reintegration of veteran college students.


Veteran college student, Armed department of college party committee, Campus reintegration