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Historical investigation on Sports in Gulangyu during Its International Settlement Period

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.090


Wang Hui, Zhao Yajie

Corresponding Author

Wang Hui


This paper uses the historical documents about western missionary and Young Men’s Christian Association with the field word to do the research for the sports on Gulangyu Island. Studies have shown that the introduction of Western sports into Gulangyu Island began in 1842. The main carriers were Western military, missionaries and the YMCA. During the period of public concession, the sports of Gulangyu School flourished, and the forms of extracurricular sports activities were mainly based on class and games. The curriculum is mainly composed of track and field, gymnastics and ball games; sports events are gradually emerging, and individual events are held frequently; women's sports have made a historic contribution to women's liberation in the first place in China. The spread of Western sports culture in Gulangyu during the period of public concessions promoted the development of education.


International Settlement, Gulangyu, Sports