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Empirical Analysis of Fractional Differential Model of the Relationship between Enterprise Management and Financial Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.089


Yi Li

Corresponding Author

Yi Li


For a long time, the intermediary relationship between management control and enterprise performance, as well as the positive and negative interweaving of empirical results, makes the theoretical circles in a sense do not really reflect the important role of management control in the development of enterprises. This paper aims to embody the importance of management control and highlight the two-way role of non-financial performance which has been neglected by academia. It is based on Merchant's comprehensive theoretical framework of management control. Taking small and medium-sized enterprises in Xinjiang as samples, this paper explores the relationship between management control (behavior control, result control, personnel control) and enterprise performance (non-financial performance, financial performance) by establishing structural equation model and hierarchical regression model. The results show that results control and personnel control are helpful to improve corporate performance, and non-financial performance has a positive impact on corporate financial performance.


Enterprise Management, Financial Performance, Differential Model, Empirical Analysis