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Research on the Public Platform of TV Media Wechat

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.081


Li Hanlu

Corresponding Author

Li Hanlu


Network coverage is gradually increasing, people are led by convenient information technology, and gradually drive various industries to carry out modernization and information reform. The public platform of TV media Wechat has the general characteristics of the public platform, but owing to the particularity of the TV matrix, it also has special attributes and rules. Faced with the development and impact of the new strategy, the traditional strategy continues to reform and integrate with the new strategy. The operation of WeChat public platform is one of the important links in the exploration of TV industry. This paper studies and analyzes the development and influence of WeChat public platform in TV industry, and further proposes how to make WeChat public platform better applied to TV industry and give full play to its advantages. By sampling and analyzing the WeChat public platform of TV media, this paper tries to describe the operation rules of the WeChat public platform of TV media. In addition, it has certain theoretical significance to systematically sort out the general situation, current situation, problems and strategies of WeChat public platform of TV media.


Television Media, Wechat Public Platform, Communication Content