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Research on the Promotion Mode of National Fitness Exercise in Xiaogan Middle School Campus

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.080


Xuxu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xuxu Liu


Ethnic fitness operation is a national traditional sports project which combines the typical life, labor and dance elements of many nationalities with aerobics. Most of the popularization and research are in minority areas. However, the popularization and research in the central region of China is relatively weak, and its popularization and research space and prospects are quite broad. This article actively responds to the national fitness initiative and implements the new requirements of the Ministry of Education for the development of national traditional culture in the physical education teaching program. As the generation shouldering the nation's hope and future, it is of great significance to popularize and promote the national classics and to inherit and carry forward the national culture.


National calisthenics, Secondary schools, Promotion model, Study