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Study on Civil Engineering Management and Effective Control of Engineering Cost Based on Working Process

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.074


Jixuan Zou

Corresponding Author

Jixuan Zou


Promoted by economic development, the construction industry has also made great progress. Civil engineering related enterprises have also obtained a greater driving force for development. Cost of project is the sum of the total cost needed in the process of project construction. With the rapid development of economy, urban infrastructure construction is also growing rapidly, and the corresponding projects are gradually increasing. Therefore, the effective control of civil engineering management and engineering cost is becoming more and more important. As far as civil engineering is concerned, it is necessary to adopt a reasonable management method to effectively control the project cost on the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of its construction, which is conducive to optimizing the project as a whole. Based on this, according to the problems existing in civil engineering management, this paper puts forward the control measures to strengthen civil engineering management and project cost.


Civil Engineering Management, Engineering Cost, Effective Control