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Research on the Management Model of Sports Living National Fitness Based on the Values of Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.068


Li Chao, Lu Xiaoping

Corresponding Author

Li Chao


At present, the process of College Students' sports life in our country is still constrained by the “two-point theory”, i.e. the value of social standard and academic standard, ignoring the human value. Therefore, based on the values of higher education and consulting the relevant theoretical research results of sports lifestyle, this paper studies the management mode of sports lifestyle national fitness. The results show that the college sports fitness club and the sports instructor workstation are the two graspers of the implementation of “sports life”, and the full play of the two gripping functions is the key to implementing the “sports life”. Nowadays, the national fitness has risen to the national strategy. Colleges and universities should take the lead in grasping the opportunities and constantly optimize the teaching mode so that students can really love sports and invest in fitness for all.


Higher education values, sports life, national fitness management model