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Application of Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Instructions in Buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.064


Wang Fang

Corresponding Author

Wang Fang


The basic design idea of installing a fire protection facility system in a building is to realize fire detection functions such as early detection of fire and evacuation of personnel, suppression of initial fire, and effective prevention of fire spread. The rapid development of economy, science and technology has led to the emergence of various buildings, especially large public buildings. Therefore, corresponding security issues are increasingly exposed. This paper first analyzes the problems existing in fire evacuation of large complex buildings, and points out the importance of fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication systems, which provides a guarantee for improving the safety of buildings. At the end of this paper, the design principle of evacuation indicator system is explained with an example of a hospital, which provides a theoretical basis for engineering designers.


Fire, Building, Emergency Lighting, Evacuation Indication, Safety