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Discussion of the Influences of Short-term Overseas Exchange on College English Teachers’ Cultural Confidence

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.109


Yani Zong

Corresponding Author

Yani Zong


In recent years, cultural confidence has become the focus of the educational circle and the scholarly world, the pedagogues and the scholars should possess the awareness of cultural confidence, then to well construct the teaching and studying system full of Chinese features and fascination, and fit for the realistic condition of China. College English, as an important part of the curriculum, should be built on the basis of cultural confidence, and show Chinese culture to the world by means of subjective factors such as symbols, conceptions, values, and ideologies etc, so as to expand the cultural influence of China and unfold the charm of Chinese culture to all the people and scalars all over the world. The short-term overseas exchange is an important opportunity for college English teachers to learn the foreign teaching experience, and have a profound comprehension about the foreign cultures. Hence college English teachers should insist on the spirit of Chinese culture first, and then learn the advanced teaching experiences of foreign countries so as to teach the essence of it to the students of China in class. This thesis states the conception of cultural confidence briefly first; and then, the significance of cultivating the cultural confidence of students, and the importance of the overseas exchange to college English teachers themselves will be analyzed; at last, the influence of short-term overseas exchange on English teachers’ cultural confidence will be discussed in great details.


Short-term Overseas Exchange, College English Teacher, Cultural Confidence.