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Research on the Training Reform of Broadcasting and Hosting Art Professionals in the Age of Medium Financing

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.059


Qu Yang

Corresponding Author

Qu Yang


This is an era of media convergence, the media environment is changing with each passing day, and the media competition is very complicated. However, in the current era of media integration, the survival situation of the traditional announcers and hosts is grim, and the sense of crisis is imminent. Therefore, the author carries out research on the reform of talent training of broadcasting and hosting art specialty in the era of financial media. This paper analyses the current situation of the training of radio and hosting professionals, and puts forward corresponding improvement measures. The study found that in the age of media, the broadcasting host should take advantage of the trend, construct a pattern of communication, and rethink and position it from the perspective of communication, thereby further broadening the path of sustainable development of professional disciplines.


The age of the media, broadcasting and hosting, art major, talent training