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Research on the Operation Mode and Characteristics of oral communication in TV Context

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.058


Lu Wei

Corresponding Author

Lu Wei


From its birth to the present, oral communication is of obvious importance to all. In today's media age, language is an important carrier of program content, and information must be transmitted through language. Oral communication has undergone a long and complicated evolution with the development of media. With the prevalence of traditional electronic media and new online media, all kinds of screen programs are surging. The first communication revolution in human history was successful because of the power of language, which was also the beginning of language communication. In the TV context, the language of the host in the oral communication plays a role in demonstrating, edifying and leading the TV audience. The continuous advancement of information technology has brought about substantial changes in the media environment, and mainstream media no longer enjoys monopoly information dissemination and distribution rights. The development of modern electronic media has made the distance and radius of language communication infinitely magnified.


Media, Oral communication, Television context