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Optimizing the Management Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan for College Students Based on the Mode of School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.057


Qingjun Liang

Corresponding Author

Qingjun Liang


The training program of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship plays an important role in improving students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability and cultivating high-level innovative talents. Although school-enterprise cooperation in China is still in its infancy, it is needed by universities, enterprises and the government, especially in Western universities. At present, although there are still some problems in school-enterprise cooperation, we can not use this as an excuse to pretend to be self-confident. In this paper, based on the school-enterprise cooperation mode, the author studies the optimization of management mode of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship training plan. This paper analyses the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship practice in Colleges and universities, and puts forward corresponding improvement measures. Research shows that innovation and entrepreneurship is the theme of the development of the times. College students' innovation and entrepreneurship education is the ineviTable mission of colleges and universities. School-enterprise cooperation is an important form to promote the reform of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through school-enterprise cooperation to optimize talent training objectives, reform education and teaching forms, and create an innovative and entrepreneurial education platform. Thereby, improve the level and effectiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship education.


School-enterprise cooperation mode, college students, innovation and entrepreneurship, training plan, management mode optimization