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A comparative study on the mode of knowledge sharing service among university libraries in China

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.047


Zhang Ling

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ling


Understanding the theory of knowledge sharing is an important part of the in-depth exploration of the knowledge service sharing model of library service teams in China. The tacit knowledge of library team knowledge sharing exists in the minds of team members and explicit knowledge is a library on the team that can directly share knowledge with team members, the main forms include the work report, documentary, video meeting, etc. The knowledge sharing service mode of university libraries is mainly divided into three categories, one is the librarian - the librarian, the second is the librarian - the team and the third is the librarian - the user under the new media conditions exploring these three modes of knowledge sharing can promote direct or indirect communication activities with other members of the new media platform and the team that can promote the knowledge sharing theory of the library service team in the future. China's colleges and universities have an extraordinary significance in terms of being more competitive in the same type of universities.


Library, knowledge sharing, invisible knowledge, sharing mode