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The Innovation Research of Science and technology Philosophy in Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.046


Yilu Liu

Corresponding Author

Yilu Liu


the most crucial part, the scientific instruction conception is necessary if the society intends to be developed in a better pattern. Since the coming of the Big Data era, plenty of business values have been brought by the development of data ideas, which also enriched people’s mental worlds in the mean time. The purpose to regard every phenomenon caused by the Big Data era objectively is by the means of scientific methodology and world conceptions, the Science and technology philosophy, is to remind people not to ignore signals of coming dangers and consider the ways to handle while enjoying the fortune and mental materials. In order to realize the sustainable development in the Big Data era. In this article, Big Data and the Science and technology were combined into one, which has reflected the innovation values and enriched the content of Science and technology in the background of The Big Data era.


The Big Data era, Science and technology philosophy, Innovation research