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The Reference and Enlightenment of Constructive Dialectics to the Solution of Psychological Crisis

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.042


Xuefei Liu, Wenjuan Guo

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Liu


The development of psychology is in a split crisis. This crisis is manifested in the fragmentation of research topics, the divergence of research methods and the opposition of guiding ideology among practitioners. The integration and division of psychology is a hot topic in the discussion of western theoretical psychology. As a methodology, dialectical pluralism provides a new perspective for the integration and development of scientific psychology. On the basis of summarizing the predecessors' understanding of the crisis, the analysis shows that the psychological crisis is the manifestation of the self-identity crisis in the development of psychology. Its essence lies in the lack of the identity of psychology, and the root cause comes from the establishment of psychology. The initial theoretical basis. Dialectical pluralism provides a “buffer zone” for these competing theories, thus avoiding the fragmentation of psychology disciplines and theories, and becomes a new perspective to examine the integration and division of psychology.


Constructive Dialectics, Psychological Crisis, Reference and Enlightenment