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Research on Green Party's Ecological Priority Values from the Perspective of Ecocentrism—Take the European Green Party as the example

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.039


Hongying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongying Zhang


Since the establishment of the first Green Party in Europe -- the Green Party in Britain in 1973, it has become a rookie in European politics, and has exerted a significant influence on all aspects of European society. Based on the philosophy of ecocentrism, the Green Party opposes excessive economic growth, pays attention to ecological balance, emphasizes environmental protection and maintains human peace. In order to keep the ecological balance and to achieve harmony between man and nature, Values of “ecological priority”, is proposed based on the irreplaceability and irrecoverability of nature and ecosystem. Such value concept, as the core of Green Party’s values, advocates that all human economic activities, communication mode, life style should conform to the ecology and promote the “green” development of society.


Ecologicalism, Green Party, ecological priority research