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Analysis on the Regulation Strategies of Information Asymmetry in New Media Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.037


Hu Xing, Huang Junwei, Zhang Xiaohui

Corresponding Author

Hu Xing


With the continuous development of information technology, we have entered the era of new media. At present, information asymmetry has more external manifestations and connotations. At the same time, the fact that new media technology is imperfect and information changes rapidly leads to great changes in the subject of manufacturing information, the harmful forms of information and so on, as well as significant increase in the difficulty of regulation. The main reasons for the above are the change of environment, the delay of information symmetry, the abuse of information control technology and the unbalanced development of information literacy. Therefore, in order to make new media and society develop healthily and steadily, this paper analyses the regulation strategies of information asymmetry in new media communication.


New media, information asymmetry, regulation strategy