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Research on the Innovation Model of Commercial Bank's Private Wealth Management Business in the Age of New Regulations on Asset Management

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.033


Lianying Ge

Corresponding Author

Lianying Ge


With the introduction of new regulations and rules on asset management, commercial banks are facing new challenges in the field of private wealth management. This paper takes Shaanxi Commercial Bank's private wealth management business model as the research object, adopts literature research and comparative research methods. Firstly, the status quo of domestic commercial banks'wealth management model and foreign banks' wealth management model are introduced. The advanced mode of wealth management is studied; secondly, the drawbacks and existing problems of the current mode of domestic commercial banks driven by the external environment of social economy, policy supervision and big data science and technology are analyzed; finally, the innovation mode of wealth management business of commercial banks should be innovated in four aspects: management mode, marketing service mode, function investment mode and risk control mode.


Shaanxi Commercial Bank, Wealth Management, Business Model