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An Analysis of the present situation and Development Direction of Enterprise Business Administration

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.028


Yang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yang Zhang


With the reform and opening up of our country, China's economy is developing rapidly, and more enterprises are developing in our country. It expands the scope of our industry, increases the business of enterprises, and expands the economic market of our country. Therefore, in this situation, enterprises are faced with peer competition, can not be based in the market dilemma. In order to solve this problem, enterprises should adjust the management of enterprises. By using business administration in enterprises, business administration can effectively make enterprises face the predicament calmly and promote the healthy development of enterprises. Business administration has played an important role in the enterprise of our country. Chinese enterprises should be in the process of operation. Use the business administration model.


The current situation and development of business administration