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A Survey of Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.026


Weiguang Guo, Dehua Liu, Xiaomei Gong

Corresponding Author

Weiguang Guo


In recent years, all walks of life in China have paid more attention to work efficiency and performance. The prediction of work efficiency and performance is one of the important contents of management psychology. Further research shows that job satisfaction plays an important role in improving work efficiency and performance. It plays an obvious role in promoting and forecasting. In this paper, several universities in Gansu Province as the main research object, questionnaire survey as the main research method, in order to further study and analyze the job satisfaction of University teachers. The final result is that the overall level of teachers’ job satisfaction is relatively high. The final conclusion is that the overall level of teachers' job satisfaction can be further improved by further improving welfare, wage level, social security, job prospects and other aspects.


Private university teachers, job performance, job satisfaction