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Research on Investment and Financing Mechanism of Cultural Industry in Jiangxi Province from the Perspective of “Two Types of Society”

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.022


Xiao Su

Corresponding Author

Xiao Su


With the rapid development of cultural industry in Jiangxi Province, the problems of investment and financing mechanisms in the process of building a “two-oriented society” have gradually become prominent. From the perspective of “two-oriented society”, through the combination of questionnaire survey, comparative analysis and the combination of norms and practice, through the summary of the relevant concepts of the investment and financing mechanism of the cultural industry, combined with various factors, A more comprehensive analysis of the problems encountered in the development process, in order to continuously improve the quality of cultural enterprises, build more comprehensive laws and regulations, expand investment and financing channels, and build a good investment and financing environment investment and financing mechanism countermeasures.


“two-type society”, Jiangxi Province, cultural industry, investment and financing mechanism