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Construction of Risk Prevention and Control and Early Warning System for P2P Network Lending Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.021


Wenjing He

Corresponding Author

Wenjing He


In recent years, the risk of P2P network lending platform has been exposed, and the number of stock platforms has been shrinking. The phenomenon of “closing down” and “running the road” is not uncommon. While affecting the security of personal funds, the liquidity of the entire industry has also been greatly affected. . Based on the background, development history and current situation of P2P network lending platform, this paper deeply analyzes the possible risks of P2P network lending. And from the three aspects of risk measurement, risk identification and risk control, it puts forward suggestions on the risk prevention and control and early warning system construction of P2P network lending platform.


P2P, network lending platform, risk prevention and control, risk warning