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Study on the Storage Strategy of Safe Inventory under the Joint Inventory Model of Drugs in Public Hospitals: A Case Study of Jiangxi Public Hospitals

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.020


Wang Lifang, Wan Yan

Corresponding Author

Wang Lifang


With the development of China's medical industry and the gradual advancement of medical reform, the separation of pharmaceuticals has put forward new requirements for the storage of drug inventory system in public hospitals. Therefore, the author takes public hospitals in Jiangxi Province as the research sample to study the storage strategy of safe stock under the mode of joint drug inventory in public hospitals. This paper introduces the content and effect of the medical reform in Jiangxi Province, enumerates the common problems in drug inventory management in public hospitals under the background of medical reform, and demonstrates the necessity of optimizing the internal control of drug inventory management in public hospitals. Research shows that at this stage, the public medical drug inventory is large, and the drug library management cost occupies a large amount of funds in the hospital, affecting the normal operation of the hospital and increasing the operating cost of the hospital. The drug inventory should be reasonably controlled, the procurement process should be optimized, and the problem of inventory backlog should be improved. Under the premise of ensuring the supply of drugs, the drug turnover rate in the warehouse should be gradually improved.


Public hospital, medicine, joint inventory, safety stock, storage strategy