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Study on the Selection of Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Center in A County

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.018


Xueqiang Li, Cai Su

Corresponding Author

Xueqiang Li


With the development of economy, people's demand for fruits and vegetables is increasing. A county as the province one of the main fruit and vegetable export base, advantageous geographical conditions, natural artificial planting, guarantee the quality of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable products in addition to A county for consumption in this region and other places, but because of the lack of regulation of fruit and vegetable distribution center, leads to a big problem of fruits and vegetables, seriously hindered the development of A county agricultural economy. On the basis of collecting relevant data of county A, use heuristic algorithm and mileage saving method to plan the location of its fruit and vegetable distribution center and put forward countermeasures and Suggestions.


Distribution center, Heuristic algorithm, Mileage saving method, Site selection