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Evaluate the contribution of front office to managing hotel bedroom capacity

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.014


Liu Yunyao, Qi Ying

Corresponding Author

Liu Yunyao


When applied to hotels, the term “capacity management” includes a lot of meanings. All of the facilities, services, time and labor belong as a part of capacity management. Certainly effective operation of front office aspects in the hotel management is essential for managing bedroom capacity. This essay presents a research into the contribution of the front office to managing bedroom capacity. Firstly, a brief description of the front office and the connection between the front office and bedrooms will be provided. Secondly, the definition of bedroom capacity management will be described. Thirdly, this essay demonstrates the capacity management strategies and why the demand management plan, the pricing, revenue management and distribution can be viewed as the manage demand plan of capacity management strategy and the most suiTable strategy of achieving capacity management goals. And, finally, a detailed description of pricing, revenue management and distribution and why they help the front office to control bedroom capacity will conclude this essay. This essay will refer specifically to the Grand Hyatt Chengdu which is a commercial hotel for an example to support some academic arguments. Some activities of the front office of the Grand Hyatt Chengdu, like the pricing, revenue management and distribution will be evaluated in this essay.


Hotel Front Office, Bedroom Capacity Management