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Study on the Optimization Strategy of News Camera in the All-Media Age

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.012


Feifei Jing

Corresponding Author

Feifei Jing


With the development of the era of all-media information, it has brought new developments to all walks of life, and it has brought more opportunities and challenges to the current environment and various industries. Among them, as the voice of the people, the news camera also seeks new development directions under this situation. In order to change the traditional camera photography concept and form, and strive to cater to the trend of social development, we have made further exploration and efforts. This paper analyzes the development status of news camera in the era of all-media, and discusses the direction of news camera quality and its influencing factors, and develops effective optimization strategies for reference.


All-media era, news photography, optimization strategy