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Spatial distribution and development trend of the state-level wetland park in China

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.008


Zhou Ting, Xu Songjun

Corresponding Author

Zhou Ting


Wetland Park is an important part of wetland protection system. It acts as a new way of wetland protection and a new carrier of ecotourism. Based on the basic information of the state-level national wetland parks(SLWP) and the visualized ArcGIS platform, geographic concentration index, comprehensive density index, and inverse distance weighted analysis were used to explore the spatial distribution characteristic and development trend of SLWP. Results show that: (1) There are gaps in the consciousness and capability of the managers in the eastern, central and western China for applying and constructing the wetland park along with insufficient management. (2) The spatial distribution of SLWP shows the dominant characteristic of the population pattern, and the distribution of NWP was sparse than that of NUWP. (3) SLWP shows the development trend of urbanization.


Wetland parks, Spatial distribution, Urbanization development