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Effects of Ionic strength, Inorganic Ions and Humic acids on U (VI) removal by HAP modified Quartz Sand

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.157


Yang Tianzi, Zhang Weimin

Corresponding Author

Yang Tianzi


Removal of U (VI) from aqueous solution by quartz sand loaded hydroxyapatite prepared by sol-gel method, discussed the effects of ionic strength, inorganic ions and humic acid and other hydrochemical parameters on the removal efficiency, using VISUAL MINTEQA to calculate the removal Mechanism of U (VI) occurrence Morphology. Analysis showed that the element ratio of P to Ca in EDS indicates that the composites are successfully prepared. The effect of ion strength shows that U (VI) is adsorbed to form an outer surface complex, the adsorption capacity decreased by 0.876mg ·L-1 (7.97%) at 20mM.Inorganic coexisting ions also have some effects, and the order of influence is Ca2+> CO32->Na+. Humic acid can obviously promote the removal of U (VI) by composites, but also reduce the inhibitory effect of Ca2+ and CO32 on adsorption.


Groundwater pollution, PRB, humic acid, aranium (U), compound material