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Research on Dynamic Scheduling Strategy of Workshop Intelligent Processing System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.152


Yongqi Yang

Corresponding Author

Yongqi Yang


The bilateral assembly line balancing problem of intelligent processing systems is different from the traditional one-sided assembly line balancing problem, which mainly considers the priority of tasks, the operating orientation and the requirements of bilateral parallel operations. Firstly, the core algorithm of multi-objective optimization model based on constraints is established. Secondly, the model uses the heuristic balancing algorithm based on grouping strategy to perform task grouping scheduling and task group selection. The second type of equilibrium model of the bilateral assembly line common to the two processing steps; finally, the particle swarm optimization based on the dynamic step size to obtain the system efficiency of the two process processing.


RGV production scheduling, multi-objective optimization, bilateral assembly line balance model, particle swarm optimization based on dynamic step size improvement