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Research on Camouflage Effect of paint Detected by Hyperspectral Method

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.140


Nan Zou, Liyan Zhu, Heng Liu, Weidong Xu, Yao Ma, Shuwei Song

Corresponding Author

Nan Zou


In order to make full use of the high-resolution spectral information provided by hyperspectral imaging technology, the camouflage effect of optical coatings was comprehensively evaluated. A comprehensive evaluation method combining the spectral Angle size, spectral curve shape and spectral vector size is proposed. The spectral Angle size, absolute correlation degree and Euclidean distance were used for quantitative evaluation, and the comprehensive evaluation was made from the Angle measure, shape measure and distance measure. And another background of the same kind of treatment to remove the contingency. This method is more rigorous in theory, avoid uncertainty, and has a guiding role in the design and use of coatings.


Hyperspectral, Coating inspection, Absolute correlation degree, Euclidean distance, Spectral analysis