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Transformer DC Resistance Rapid Measurement Method

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.139


Liu Bo, Hou Gang, Wang Xingchen, Xu Guocai, Chen Hui, Sun Shujun, Lin Yuan, Ma Duan, Wang Peng, Wang Jiawei

Corresponding Author

Liu Bo


Through the analysis of transient process of large DC resistance measurement of transformer coil, core hysteresis phenomenon and the influence of residual magnetism on the measurement process.Improve the working principle, a method of fast measurement, large transformer DC resistance does not increase, in other devices, characteristics of combination of YNd11 connection of three-phase transformer testing instrument and physical characteristics of the proposes. Field test proves that this method effectively utilizes the residual flux, can get the main transformer winding DC resistance test results quickly and accurately.


Transformer, DC resistance, residual flux, efficiency