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Research on Thermal Fault of Neutral Line Caused by Harmonic Current and Fire Problem

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.138


Shi Boyu, Wang Jiaying, Hou Gang, Wu Tong, Zhang Fuliang, Zhao Yan, Xi Dan, Yang Xiaolei, Xu Haihang, Jin Dai

Corresponding Author

Shi Boyu


The proportion of non-linear loads is increasing due to the large number of electric equipment. Therefore, the load property in the low-voltage distribution system has undergone a profound change. Even under the effect of three-phase sinusoidal excitation, non-sinusoidal distortion will occur in the three-phase phase line current, and the harmonic current will be generated, thereby involving a plurality of new aspects, such as the safe operation of the electrical equipment and the electric fire protection. In particular, the problem of the thermal fault and fire of the neutral line needs to be studied carefully, and an effective solution is put forward.


Harmonic, neutral line, thermal fault, fire