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Reasons Analysis and Solutions of Existing Hazards of Three-phase Imbalance

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.137


Wang Shuai, Wang Yi, Li Jingqi, Wang Jiaying, Jin Dai, Xu Haihang, Yang Xiaolei, Tong Xin

Corresponding Author

Wang Shuai


This paper briefly states that the imbalance of three phases is mostly caused by the imbalance within elements, line parameters or load asymmetry of three phases. The cause and mechanism of wire fault and ground fault are expounded emphatically. At the same time, it demonstrates the solution to the three-phase imbalance, and it points out that the construction of distribution network should follow the principle of "small capacity, multiple distribution points, short radius". The necessity of power supply for low voltage cluster wire is demonstrated. Multi-point grounding is avoided and zero line power loss is reduced; It also points out precautions for installing three-phase imbalanced intelligent regulator.


Three-phase imbalance, load distribution, power loss, resonance