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Network hot topic prediction of infectious disease model

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.131


Zhang Dandan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Dandan


It is of great value to build an epidemic model for network hot topic, However, the existing epidemic models do not distinguish between the topic type and the probability of different users, To this end, a content-based network hot topic propagation model is introduced in this paper, The probability of a single user is defined based on the user topic sensitivity, Content classification of fusion topics, User propagation probability, Factors such as user re-entry probability, Learn from the basic idea of SIRS model, The topic propagation model (CSIRS) is constructed in the scale-free network, Small world network, Random network and Experiments on real social networks, The experimental results show that the CSIRS model can not only show the propagation model of general epidemic dynamics model, Also able to show a number of fluctuations, a small range of long spread, The rapid rise and decline of social network hot topics such as the spread of the model. The model provides a new research idea for the construction of the network structure and the topic content attributes.


Hot topic, propagation model, epidemic model, topic propagation model